About Me

Me, in summation:

Thirtysomething. Clevelander. Mommy. Sister. Best Friend. Table Games Dealer. Former Receptionist Extraordinaire. Extrovert. Singer. Writer. Slacker. Career Procrastinator. Unpaid Comedienne. Lover of Cheese and Chocolate. Night Owl. Occasional College Student. iPhone Photographer. Facebook Addict. Book Lover. Messy Person. Chronically Late For Everything. Lover, Not Fighter. Will Ferrell Movie Quoter. Clumsy. In Search of the Good Life. iTunes Addict. Thinks a World Without Music Would Be a Tragic One Indeed. Owns a Guitar But Can’t Play. Occasional Poetic Genius. LUSH addict.

A little smattering of Lashawn-y goodness for you 🙂

My darling baby boy <;3″


Part of the Horseshoe Casino Wolf Pack <3

Part of the Horseshoe Casino Wolf Pack ❤

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