Season One, Episode Five: Just A Thought…

This makes me sad.

The state of Georgia executed a man tonight who most likely was innocent of the crime he was convicted, yet the biggest topic on my Facebook news feed is the new layout.  In my opinion Troy Davis outweighs Facebook’s new layout any day.

There was so much outrage on the social network when Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her two year old daughter based solely on reasonable doubt, yet we all knew she was guilty.  Anyone familiar with the basics of Davis’ case knows that his entire case was riddled with reasonable doubt, much like Anthony’s–no murder weapon was ever found, seven of the nine witnesses who testified against Davis recanted or changed parts or all of their testimony and claimed that they were coerced under duress, it is believed that another one of the witnesses was the actual murderer…and yet, Davis was found guilty of murder, and ultimately executed at 10:53 pm.  Where is the outrage now?  Where is the anger over the judicial system now?

It appears that any anger on my Facebook news feed is directed at the new layout, which seems to have pissed off plenty of people, excluding yours truly.  I don’t have any issues with it.  I can still do what I go on to the site to do, and if I couldn’t, well…I’d figure it out, like the last time Mark Zuckerberg changed things up.  Change happens.  Updates occur.  Big deal. You adapt and move on…because you know in a few months or a year, Facebook will change things up again.

But Troy Davis will never take another breath.  Troy Davis will never get to prove his innocence.  Troy Davis may have been wrongly executed while the real killer, believed to be Sylvester “Redd” Coles, spends the rest of his life a free man because the state of Georgia will never investigate that trail and openly admit that they may have killed the wrong person.  And the MacPhail family may never really know who killed Mark MacPhail that night at Burger King in 1989.  We may never know if Troy Davis was the one who pulled the trigger.

And that, to me at least, is more frustrating than the way my news feed shows up when I log in on Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Season One, Episode Five: Just A Thought…

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  2. Great post! I too was upset about the final outcome of Troy Davis and about the new layout for Facebook! And it didn’t help when I woke up the next morning to find out that this lady was set free and she admitted to killing her children. Messed up justice system.


  3. I think sometimes certain subjects are so heartbreaking, people steer clear of them because they simply can’t even imagine finding the right words . . . let alone actually find them.

    I’m spending less time on Facebook overall these days, but I know that my Twitter feed was filled with rage and sadness, sentiments I echoed. Thinking of it now, I continue to feel I would rather know the truth and face its sorrows than hide it away for simplicity’s sake.

    I’m glad I am here to worry about these things. I so deeply wish Troy Davis were still here to worry about them with us.


  4. I agree. I’ve noticed how people don’t really comment on unhappy or serious statuses on Facebook, but they will comment on funny ones. It’s like they want to avoid the bad stuff that happens in the world.

    I just hope that they are able to clear Troy’s name.


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